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Lil’Bit’s efforts during the 2009 Junos in Vancouver, B.C. earned her the notice of Carrie Mullings (Rebel Vibez) who introduced her to the Toronto reggae scene, and took her under her wing as manager & mentor then, eventually partnering, working together as a team to build the movement.

Recipient of the Most Promising New Artist Award at the RMAA's was a milestone in itself and ultimately foreshadowed her acceptance of the most prestigious award in the Canadian Music Industry. Juno Award for Reggae Recording of the Year for her Single "Likkle But Mi Tallawah" produced by Donovan "Danny M'aestro" Lee on the "New Tek Riddim", an honour that she received graciously. That same year Shepherd also won the 2011 MMA Marijuana Music Award for Best Reggae/Dancehall Single "Sensimilla"
Lil’Bit also received two awards at the 2011 WCRMA’s for Best Female Vocalist, and Single of The Year for "Lady in The Streets" and was nominated for Best Female Vocalist, Best Reggae Single, and Artist of the Year at the 2011 RMAA’s.  Shepherd was nominated once more for the 2013 Juno Awards; Best Reggae Recording category for her Album "Move Ya".

Elaine “Lil’Bit” Shepherd’s formal accomplishments speak for themselves, but her voice speaks louder, as she continually evolves as a professionally minded, strong woman, and as a relentlessly passionate artist. Her sound is bold, and her humble frame only exaggerates the beauty her soul speaks, making Lil’Bit a Canadian icon worth following closely.


A fiery young Queen is making vibrational ripples in an industry that, at many of times, requires specific packaging for its products and a certain look for its vessels. Vocalist Natural Fyah, while initially starting out feeling boxed in this way, has evolved, into something even more beautiful than originally anticipated. Starting out as a figurative “caterpillar”, she began her musical endeavours as a mere spectator, listening to, singing with, & collecting what  music she could by recording it over her mother’s Luther Vandross tapes.. As time progressed, the caterpillar grew, and so did its musical tastes, it’s character, it’s perception, it’s spiritual journey.
Progressing into a cocoon to learn, develop, and transform, we now have a being who has gone through a journey of changes, understanding, patience and growth...the caterpillar once connected to a safety net is now set free, making music that feeds the soul and evokes emotion. The caterpillar is now a butterfly and this butterfly will flutter to the beat of her own heart, now understanding that the journey has really just begun. The journey is spiritual, musical, and sweet with the honey of her past, present and future. Natural Fyah is ready…are you?

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Chosen to join the Rebel Vibez family due to his brilliance, innovation, and workmanship, it is clear that Legato is a force to be reckoned with. 
Originating from Clarendon Jamaica, Legato is no stranger to the warmth of the guitar, the call of brass horns, and the soulful sound of accented voices, dancing to the vibration of a familiar reggae bass line. 
The eldest of two children to his mother, a politician, and father, the proud member of a Jamaican Soundsystem, Legato, born Robert Annakie, has always been a friend of music, encountering it at every corner of his life. 
From entering various talent shows, to joining his younger brother to “run sound” on their father’s system, to establishing a studio of his own, Legato has always been focused on the energy of music and the journey on which it is carrying him. 
Whether it be his own output, or the output of another, he has always been about the integrity of the music both on and off the stage. 
Now, a member of the RV Family, Legato is making waves on the Canadian reggae scene. Legato invites you to keep connected with him by joining our mailing list and connecting with his social media (@rebelvibez, @legato_muzic) as his journey is a tree full of buds, and he would love for you to see them blossom.  Stay tuned!