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Be Bold, Be Brave, Be A Rebel, BE YOU! is a saying made popular by Carrie Mullings and was established in 2003 with one simple mission in mind: to bring the best music on Rebel Vibez to the conscious reggae listeners around the world. Today, "Be Bold, Be Brave, Be A Rebel, BE YOU!" is reflective. With our incomparable radio programming and talented artist interviews, the Rebel Vibez radio show gained a great rep across the globe with listeners worldwide. 
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Along with a plethora of summer heat warnings, comes an immediate alert about one of the hottest and newest dancehall DJs around. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Fiyah MC is proving that he is a force to be reckoned with. 
Riding the airwaves on Toronto's Vibe 105 FM and long running Canadian Reggae show Rebel Vibez with his hit "Need You, Fiyah MC has made it very clear that he knows what the massive wants and he is here to deliver. 
Being the CEO of Scorchiin Ent., home of his musical repertoire, this young MC is not the usual deal, bringing exclusivity and refreshing creativity to his craft. A recent interview with the Jamaica Star reveals that Fiyah MC's latest double album, released Aug 14, 2021, features two sides representing the left & right sides of the brain. 
MC explains, that one side features dancehall while the other side expresses hip-hop influence and flavour. 
Keep up with Fiyah MC as his innovation leads the way! Stay up-to-date with his double album release & follow him on his IG: @FiyahMC.

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When describing some of the best Dancehall and vocal valour to grace 2021, it's literally impossible to do so without mentioning Onique. Producer, Singer/Songwriter & owner of NeQz productions, Onique definitely didn't come to play & has already proven his production, written, & vocal vernacular.
With a distinctive sound & a flamboyant writing style, Onique gave us a great official introduction to himself in 2019. Releasing his riddim driven project entitled  "Pure Soul Riddim", which features various Canadian reggae artists including himself, was just the beginning. 
Partnering up with Dancehall sensation "Blistas" to create hit song "Big Billiii" has proven to be another win for Onique in 2021. As the tune, which is slowly climbing the Rebel Vibez Canadian Regga-EH Charts, continues to gain momentum it is becoming more & more clear that Onique's skills inside the booth & at the mixer, are pristine.
"Big Billiii" boasts confidence, great style, and wonderful workmanship. The world looks forward to experiencing more from this talented producer.
Follow Onique on IG: @OniqueOfficial & support him throughout his musical journey. You won't wan't to miss a thing!

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There have been some ground shaking movements and changes happening in the dancehall arena from coast to coast. Canadian  dancehall in artist 6iixGal is no stranger to adaptability and change. As a chameleon adapts to it's surroundings, this Brampton, Ontario native is doing exactly that. 
Originally creating a name for herself in the business world, this talented songstress created and operated a luxury car rental service  located in California. The company's strong presence attracted celebrities including popular dancehall artist Alkaline, whom she would later accompany as a lead role in one of his music videos.
First gracing the dancehall scene under the moniker "Ms. Destiny", she gave tunes such as "Catch a Vibe With a Rasta" and "Saw Mommy Kiss a Rasta Man",  making her presence known industry wide. 
Now, after rebranding to "6iixGal", she is turning up the heat with new collaborations like "Turn Your Lights Down Low" featuring Kymani Marley (Rebel Vibez Canadian Regga-EH Charts) & "Divine Like You" featuring Gyptian. 
Look out for 6iixGal's new EP entitled "Best Reggae Dancehall" and be sure to follow her on IG: @6iixGal.

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