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Carrying On With Carrie...
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Grace JerkFest Toronto 2020
Calgary Reggae Festival
Calgary Reggae Festival
Globe & Mail Interview
Globe & Mail Interview
Wayne Vernon (RMAA)
Mumma Canada
Nikki Z & I
Sebastien (MIRF)
TOTC Montreal
Nesbeth & I
Abka Kaba & I
Shinehead & I
Chris Dubbs & I
Caribbean Tales Film Festival
Spex Da Boss & I
Road T Direction with Sean
Eddie Grant & I
Hosting Jamaica Night (CTFF)
Tevin Campbell & I
G-Vine from PHS & I
All Female Show (Calgary)
RV Family
Bobby Digital & I
Glen Ricks & I
Celebration Time
CTFF (Chris Strikes)
CTFF Q&A Segment
Denise, Chris & Myself
In Discussion
Filmaker Chris Strikes
Hosting CTFF
After movie discussion with the cast
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aka Mumma Canada

When we think of the word “rebel”, what do our minds illustrate? Is it an image of someone who goes against the grain? Perhaps a freedom fighter? Does the word bring certain emotions to the surface of our consciousness? 

Throughout the course of history, rebels have been known to do what the meek & timid will not. They have been known to start revolutions and revolts, to fight for the rights & freedoms of the citizens of their countries, & they continue to be the cutting edge that help to sustain, grow & build in the present with us today. 

Part of building today, comes with building the parts of our infrastructure that feed the soul & spark creativity, while offering growth & inspiration to all who participate directly & indirectly. 

We are pleased to introduce you to an integral member of the first family of Canadian reggae, the founder of Rebel Vibez Enterprize, founder and executive producer of the Rebel Vibez radio show heard exclusively on Vibe105 #1 for R7B, Hip-Hop & The Culture, the founder of the travelling performance platform Stages Canada, Former Juno reggae category chair & certified rebel, Carrie Mullings.

The contributions that Ms. Mullings has made to the Canadian reggae music infrastructure, against all obstacles over 20 years, has helped to continue, grow and sustain platforms for artists to share their powerful messages & voices. 

She firmly believes that arts and culture continue to help us help Canadians embrace the multicultural atmosphere where we all embrace one another as one community. Share the experience by partnering with us on the journey of sharing and expanding reggae music in Canada. Join Carrie Mullings in the expansion of harmony through reggae music.

Mumma Canada: About Us
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