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Musical Background

Soaring above the current worldwide narrative Canada’s singing Snow Bird 🦅 Miss Bonnie Owen has released another fresh sound to add to her current discography. It all began with 100% recorded in James Town, Jamaica 🇯🇲. In 2013 Miss Bonnie Owen left during the cold winter months to lay down vocal tracks with Bigstone Production, Tripple L & Wrong Move at 43 Love Street. With 2 singles released during Covid Bonnie’s smooth reggae lovers rock flow she was sought after on her latest single “Take Care Of You” with Natty Paul produced with Viclaw.

Bonnie Owen: About


Get to know him...

In the earlier days of my career I was groomed on Killamanjero intl sound at 14 years old. This brought much inspiration listening to elders like Dennis Brown, U Brown, Ranking Trevor and a host of musicians. My father played guitar and my recognized cousins Reggie Stepper and Jophes Stepper helped to guide my musical direction. Growing up in Mount Ogle, St Andrew I had the privilege of a great welcome into Turbulences camp which has lead to my current label works with Viclaw Productions. Currently the streets of Jamaica are buzzing about my new release “Take Care Of You” with Canada’s singing “Snow Bird” Miss Bonnie Owen 🦅

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Bonnie Owen: About
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